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Hi, I'm Dave

I'm currently writing a book on EventBridge and also focusing on tooling for Event Driven Architectures.
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My next chapter...

I want to share with you the next chapter in my journey and what I will be doing next.

5 min read


Introducing EventBridge Transformer

A new online open source tool to help engineers generate input templates and paths for Amazon EventBridge Rules

5 min read


Amazon EventBridge: Event Payload Standards

Should we standardise our events? What are the benefits? Who is doing this? Lets explore

5 min read


Introducing EventCatalog

A new Open Source tool to help engineers Discover, Explore and Document your Event Driven Architectures.

5 min read


Event-Driven Architecture: Beyond the Schema Registry

Schema Registry is great, but can we do more? In this post I explore Event documentation and share with you EventCatalog.

5 min read


How to Observe EventBridge Events with Postman and WebSockets

Using Postman to observe your EventBridge events in real time

5 min read