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Hi, I'm Dave

I'm writing a book on EventBridge , visualing EDA, and building tools for Event Driven Architectures.
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A place where I share thoughts and ideas


How to raise EventBridge events in the future with EventBridge Scheduler

A pattern that allows you to trigger EventBridge events in the future, scaling to thousands of events.

5 min read


Publishing EventBridge events with DynamoDB Streams

Raise business events into EventBridge listening to changes from your database

5 min read


How to publish large events with Amazon EventBridge using the claim check pattern.

Example of how to raise events with large payloads using Amazon EventBridge.

5 min read


Enriching events with Amazon EventBridge and AWS Lambda

Using AWS Lambda to enrich EventBridge events for downstream consumers.

5 min read


Exploring Event Validation

Should you validate your events? Summary of thoughts from engineers.

5 min read


Replaying Amazon EventBridge events with AWS Step Functions

I want to share with you an experimental Step Functions pattern that allows you to replay events from eventbridge at the same time they happened.

5 min read