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Here is a collection of talks I have given over the past few years.

Navigating the journey to serverless event-driven architecture - reInvent 2023

Talk I gave at re:Invent 2023 about how you can navigate a serverless event-driven architecture, pitfalls and patterns to help.

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Journey to EDA: Patterns, Best Practices & Practical Tips - GOTO 2023

Talk at EDA Day 2023 in Nashville. Speaking about the journey of event-driven architectures and common pitfalls.

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Event Design & Event-first development

Talk from EDA Day 2022 in London. Here I go into the importance of event design and what I consider event-first development.

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Beyond producers and consumers: Avoiding common issues with event-driven architectures

Talk from KanDDDinsky about event-driven architecture and domain-driven design.

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What`s new with serverless - reInvent 2022

Talk I gave at re:Invent 2022 highlighting key serverless features launched in 2022.

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Best practices to design your events in event-driven applications

Talk at AWS User Group in the Netherlands. Speaking about event design.

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Catalog your Events with AsyncAPI

Exploring EventCatalog with AsyncAPI. Getting started and why you might want to document your events.

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