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My next chapter...

I want to share with you the next chapter in my journey and what I will be doing next.

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    David Boyne
    Published on 5 min read
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Recently I reflected on my career so far as an engineer, leader and open source contributor. I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to build applications for millions of customers, lead high performing engineering teams and focus full time on open source work.

Over my career I worked in various different product teams delivering digital products to customers and in 2021 I started to work more in public. This has introduced me to folks from all over the world and has inspired me to teach, build tools and embed within communities across the globe.


Focusing on Event Driven Architectures

In mid 2021 I was introduced to the AsyncAPI initiative. AsyncAPI is focused on setting standards for Event Driven Applications through specifications and open source tooling. I managed to integrate one of my tools with the AsyncAPI specification which lead me to meeting the team!

After a few conversations I decided to join the initiative and focus my efforts on learning and building more open source tooling around Event Driven Architectures ⭐️.

The AsyncAPI initiative focuses a lot of effort on it’s open source community, and it has been amazing to learn how much community can play a part of a project or idea. When Fran Méndez (founder of AsyncAPI) told me about the story of AsyncAPI to where it has come from to where it is now, it’s a journey that is inspiring!

To have an initial idea, get recognition and financial backing from Postman to building a team and community is just awesome, and in ways it’s only just begun!

During my time working for AsyncAPI, I have managed to gain a deeper understanding of Event Architectures, contributed to their website, the AsyncAPI Studio, kick started VirtualEDA and have had time to create EventCatalog (my biggest open source project to date).

I am super grateful to the AsyncAPI initiative, the team, it’s community and a huge personal thanks to Fran Méndez for giving me the space and autonomy to focus on Event Architectures in a way that worked for me. I’m sure they will continue to do amazing things and I’m confident the specification will play a huge part in the future of Event Driven Architectures.

But for me I believe it’s now time to move onto things that are even closer to my heart...


So what's next?

Personally there are two key areas of technology that inspire me. Event Driven Architectures and Serverless.

Both EDA and Serverless Tech work very well together and I believe they are transforming the way we build applications, deliver value to customers and provide business value.

Following my passion I have spent the last year building open source tools and content to help people within our EDA and Serverless communities.

It has been great to see my content help so many people and inspire others to use/fork and innovate.

So I'm happy to share with you all that I'm combining my passion for EDA and Serverless and joining Amazon as a Senior Developer Advocate on the AWS Serverless team. ⭐️


Joining AWS

I have spent so many hours (days 😅) consuming the content that the DA Serverless team produce and I’m super happy to be in a position I can help contribute back and help continue to grow our community.

This new role will allow me to continue to focus on Event Driven Architectures, dive deep into Serverless technologies and also get closer to the AWS product teams to give them community feedback.

I'm super excited to be able to use my skills to provide you all with content, applications, videos, blogs (and much more...) and support you all learning Serverless Technology and EDA.

Part of my role will also be working closely with AWS product teams (like Amazon EventBridge team) to bring them feedback and ideas from you all! So if you are using Amazon EventBridge, any questions or thoughts I would love to connect.

I'm sure you will hear much more from me, and I look forward to connecting with you all and helping our community grow!

Wish me luck! 🍀