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Amazon EventBridge with AsyncAPI

Using your Amazon EventBridge Schemas with EventBridge Atlas to generate AsyncAPI documentation.

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    David Boyne
    Published on 2 min read
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Last month I released EventBridge Atlas, a tool to help engineers document their Amazon EventBridge schema.

After EventBridge Atlas's initial release I was introduced to AsyncAPI.

Open source tools to easily build and maintain your event-driven architecture. All powered by the AsyncAPI specification, the industry standard for defining asynchronous APIs. -

AsyncAPI is on a mission to standardise a specification to describe asynchronous APIs.

Perfect for EventBridge Atlas!

In this short post I want to share with you how you can use your EventBridge Schemas to generate your AsyncAPI documentation within minutes.

Using EventBridge Schemas to generate AsyncAPI specification

As of version 0.2 EventBridge Atlas now uses parsers to generate your preferred output for your Amazon EventBridge Schemas.

In version 0.2 we are happy to introduce the support for AsyncAPI.

There is still plently of work to do here, but its a start!

Getting started has been simplified and you should be able to get running within minutes.


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Adding support for AsyncAPI has been great, and after a Zoom call with Fran Méndez - Founder of AsyncAPISpec I'm super excited to hear about the future of the AsyncAPI and how EventBridge Atlas can continue to use the tools provided and help engineers.

I will continue to learn more about AsyncAPI and add more features as I go. If you interested in keeping up to date I tweet about things every so often so come say hi!

Until next time!