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Introducing EventBridge Transformer

A new online open source tool to help engineers generate input templates and paths for Amazon EventBridge Rules

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    David Boyne
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I would like to introduce you to my next Amazon EventBridge tool called EventBridge Transformer.

EventBridge Transformer has been designed to help engineers quickly create Input Paths and Input Templates using your events as the source!

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The ability to transform your events before they reach your targets is a great feature from Amazon EventBridge.

Amazon EventBridge gives us a great serverless offering to create robust and resilient Event Driven Architectures and payload transformation can play a huge part in that process.

Why would you want to change your event payloads before they reach your targets?

  • Remove PII data from Events (if consumers don't want)
  • Tidy up data before it reaches target
  • Easier integration with targets if events are in structured format
  • And much more...

Creating your Input Paths and Input Templates can be quite a manual process, so I decided to experiment and create an online editor/tool that can help!

EventBridge Transformer allows you to quickly create Input Paths and Input Templates using your Event as the source!


How EventBridge Transformer works

You can use the EventBridge Transformer in a few steps.

  1. Copy one of your EventBridge events and paste it into the Event Payload editor.
  2. Click on the properties you want to map in your event. This will create your Input Paths.
  3. Click on your Input Paths to generate your Input Templates and Example Output.
  4. Once happy, copy your data into your rule.

This tool was built as an experiment, and any thoughts, bugs or feedback is welcome!



If you are interested in using the tool head over to

Hopefully EventBridge Transformer will help you and your team use Input Transforms with Amazon EventBridge.

If you find the tool useful or have any feedback feel free to reach out on GitHub or Twitter.

If you want more resources on Amazon EventBridge checkout Awesome EventBridge which is an open source list of resources, tools and examples of how to use Amazon EventBridge.


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Until next time!