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Introducing EventBridge Canon

A new Open Source tool to help engineers Publish, Save and Share Amazon EventBridge Events

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    David Boyne
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I would like to introduce you to my next Amazon EventBridge tool called EventBridge Canon.

EventBridge Canon has been designed and developed to help engineers become more productive with Amazon EventBridge.

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Following the launch of my last project EventBridge Atlas I wanted to continue to explore tooling around Amazon EventBridge.

Whilst working with EventBridge I soon discovered I find myself wanting the ability to quickly fire events into my bus to test integrations and just experiment with things...

I started to use the AWS Console and AWS CLI tool, but I felt some key features were missing:

  • Ability to resend an event quickly
  • Ability to save events and edit them
  • Share events with the team for debugging

Although most of things are possible with manual work, I wanted to see if I could write a tool to help.

That's when EventBridge Canon was born.

I wanted to design and build a tool that can help engineers send, edit, save and share events between teams.

I wanted to build a tool to help EventBridge developer experience.

Like most things, one thing lead to another, and after a couple of weeks I managed to get the initial release together!

ā­ Introducing EventBridge Canon. ā­

How EventBridge Canon works

EventBridge Canon ArchitectureEventBridge Canon Architecture

EventBridge Canon is a simple NextJS application that you can run on your computer locally to manage your EventBridge events (maybe one day an Electron app).

EventBridge Canon uses LowDB to store your data locally, which means everything you do can be shared with your teams.

You can use this tool to Publish, Explore, Replay and much more.

This is just the start.

I had to cut back a ton of features to get this release out, so make sure you stay tuned to see what else is coming!

You can find out more on the documentation site.


Anyway, enough about all that.

If you are interested in getting set up head over to

Hopefully EventBridge Canon will help you and your team use Amazon EventBridge.

If you find the tool useful or have any feedback feel free to reach out on GitHub or Twitter.


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Until next time!