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Amazon EventBridge with Flow (Node Diagrams)

Using your Amazon EventBridge Schemas with EventBridge Atlas to generate Node Diagrams!

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    David Boyne
    Published on 2 min read
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A few months ago I released EventBridge Atlas, a tool to help engineers document their Amazon EventBridge schema.

EventBridge Atlas currently supports a range of documentation tools (Slate Docs, AsyncAPI and Docuowl).

I wanted to see if the EventBridge schemas could be transformed into something more visual.

I found an open source tool called React Flow that allows us to generate node diagrams with React.

After playing around with React Flow, I'm happy to say that EventBridge Atlas now supports React Flow to generate documentation based on your EventBus, Schemas and Rules!

Flow ExampleExample of Flow Parser for EventBridge Atlas

Using EventBridge Schemas to generate Flow (Node Diagrams)

I'm happy to announce that 0.4 of EventBridge Atlas has been released with support for Node diagrams!

You should be able to get set up and running within minutes.


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React Flow is a great tool to create visual node diagrams, after figuring out the maths to render the nodes 😅 it has proven to be a great tool and very well documented.

I hope these new Node diagrams will help you and your teams understand and document your EventBridge Schemas.

If you interested in keeping up to date I tweet about things every so often so come say hi!

Until next time! 👋